Life and Death are in the hands of our words. This powerful concept and statement that words can inspire and influence as well as create or destroy, inspired me to create this collection. I've translated this statement into an artistic and visual concept by combining both RTW with Couture as a collection, and translated this concept into this powerful visual of Women in a white bathtub full of milk. The constant concept of duality in this Collection is inspired by woman of strength and weakness, the perception of virginity and maturity. Milk represents innocence, cleanliness and beginnings. Bathtub is a very intimate personal space, a sanctuary. I continued this concept with ethereal flowy white dresses representing new beginnings, romantic as on a wedding day, with the long flowy hair representing femininity, virginity, and the continual concept of beginnings. Lips Motif as a Fashion Icon symbolizes passion, femininity... Our mouths and lips are a primary part of our lives, and we are constantly occupied with what goes in and out of our mouths, in and out of our lives. The Collection consists of many haute couture, one-of-a-kind, exclusive pieces done by hand with extreme attention to detail, with feminine motifs; such as a golden corset, shoulder jewelry encrusted in stones, climbing floral motifs with thorns, various lip rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, hair accessories and belts, created in gold, silver, precious stones, zircons, diamonds, etc... 

The “Big Mouth” Presentation was requested by the Myanmar (Burma) Ambassador’s wife, to be presented in May before 500 International Foreign and Ambassadorial Officials.  The exclusive Event occurred at the Yangon Shangri-La Hotel, jointly with the international leading exclusive bathtub brand Toto and local Burmese models. This amazing Event was extensively covered by all the Burmese Media and Press channels, and received rave reviews



I read Anita Diamant’s “The Red Tent” breathlessly; crying, laughing, loving and hurting with the characters. When I was done I found my mind racing. I could not put the book aside.

I felt that The Red Tent symbolizes the most sacred aspects of womanhood and it made me wonder about my own red tent. Who would be in it? What stories would be told and what secrets revealed.

For me the Red Tent combines the hardship with beauty. It is a place of birth, and also a place of death. It is not always an easy place to be in. Pain and desperation are easily found there. It requires introspect, analyzing who you are, who you wish to become. In the Red Tent the most complex of mirrors are put up, and you are left to face them, and what could sometimes be their ugly truth. With all that, in the Red Tent you are never alone. The Red Tent celebrates women and womanhood, comradery and love. The support that you receive and the words of wisdom that you are privy to are priceless.

My Red Tent collection is a bold one. It does not talk of princesses or goddesses, it is not about glitter and gold. Each piece is a statement, each ornament a token of appreciation. Bold, brash, big and loud. The collection makes you stop and stare. Ponder your life, your relationships, your past and your present. The collection is a tribute to all the women in my Red Tent, and to all womankind. It is the thread that weaves us together, the roof that keeps us safe and warm.